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Dear customer
In order to make it easier for you to get an overview of our product variety, we have decided to categorize our products into a new gloss level system. Neither the gloss levels themselves nor the product formulations have changed, only the gloss level designation has been standardized.
The former companies Nobs, Wenger, Weibel and Pentol with their different gloss level designations and classifications were integrated into the former Feyco without harmonising the gloss level system. This often led to uncertainties, as Feyco products, for example, had a different gloss level than the Nobs, but both were called silk matt. In addition, some products were measured at an angle of 85°, others at an angle of 60°. Previously, there was no uniform system, neither in the article designation nor in the degree of gloss.
With the new, uniform gloss level system, we can guarantee that we will be talking about the same gloss units in the future; all gloss levels are now measured and indicated at a 60° angle.
At the same time, we have also standardized the article designations and adapted them to the new gloss level system. As a rule, the first four numbers (3990 or 2025) consist of the first four numbers of the article number. The last two numbers after the hyphen indicate the gloss level. Since this rule could not be implemented for all products, it is possible that the article number for some products is not the same as the first four numbers (e.g. new: MOTIVO KLARLACK 2080 with article number 258000 was previously MOTIVO KLARLACK 2580); however, the product can still be identified by the article number.
If you have any questions about our new gloss level system or if you are unsure when ordering, please contact our sales office on +423 375 94 00.
The overview of the new gloss level system and the designations can be found under the following link:
Concrete examples can be found under the following link:
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